Amore e pianto, vivono accanto

Come My Sweet Child …

Come my sweet child, let me whisper a secret
that all people once used to know
of fairies right under your nose …

Listen my love,  you may see fairies fly
through the light dancing in from the moon
Only at night, when the stars shimmer bright,
can you see the Fae dance in your room.

Off! Hurry to bed …
and right before sleep, with your eyes just a peep,
watch their shimmering lights drawing near.
Tell Nonna my dear, all you see and hear
of the wild, dancing Fae that appear.

Wee one on waking, remember the scene …
it was not just a magickal dream.
If you by chance hear a sound,
quickly glance to the ground …

Only we two, will know that it’s true …

© Carina D

inspiration …

The fairies went from the world, dear,
Because men’s hearts grew cold
And only the eyes of children see
What is hidden from the old…
~Kathleen Foyle~


2 responses

  1. A Little Bit Fairy

    Oh wow, I love the picture & the poem, a gorgeous combination! =)

    February 27, 2012 at 8:21 pm

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