Amore e pianto, vivono accanto

My Familiar is Me …

The scent of magick brewing was coming from the tiny grass covered cottage of Strega Carina.  Carina stepped away from the bubbling cauldron, lifted her Nonna’s old leather bound book off the table and made her way towards the mirror hanging from the wall. She placed the candle on the mantle and called to Nonna Kara, as she had done everyday since leaving home. 

“Nonna, hear me and grant me success in the ways of our ancestors, send to my spell the power of enchantment, assist me in all my endeavors.”

Carina had managed in the past to use her powers to repel the poison energy of the dark hag. For years she had managed to soften the dark hag’s attempts to take her light by mixing concoctions of periwinkle, angelica, wormwood, and rue, but these proved to be temporary fixes.

As the years passed the dark hag became consumed with Carina’s light energy.  Carina cried to her Nonna in despair.  Carina remembered her grandmother’s words and a spell she once taught her in her childhood. Having no use for the spell during her youth, it faded from her memory.

Carina studied Nonna’s spell collection in an attempt to retrieve the magick. She sat the book down on the table and began to search through its aged pages. Just when Carina began to think she never really heard the spell at all her finger stopped.  Quietly she repeated the words before her “Strega di Precisare Familiare”!

Carina’s first few attempts to take the form of her familiar Maddie were unsuccessful. She was too stubborn to give up.  She waited till the next new moon and called upon the Goddess Hecate.  With the power of the Goddess invoked, the end of the dark hag’s reign of tyranny began.

Carina took the form of Maddie her black cat. In the darkness of the new moon, she headed toward the dark hag’s tower.  She would be safe as a cat, the old hag surrounded herself with them, using the stench of hundreds of cats to fill her tower and repel all attempts to curb her dark ways.

“Your reign of darkness is ending hag”, Carina thought to herself.  She headed up the drive of the old hag’s tower, “Oh dear Goddess, the rancid smell is almost unbearable even as a cat.”  She summoned her strength and entered the dark tower by way of the open window.

Once inside, she climbed to the loft, this was good place for her binding spell, occupied by only the many cats and their fetidness.  One of the stinky fat american cats thought her bewitching but a good claw to the eye sent him on his way.  Carina pulled the Witch’s Ladder she had made from its pouch and began the binding spell taught to her by Nonna many moons ago.  “Penne qui tanto nero quanto notte, legame il briccone con magico stretto, ed in azioni dell’ oscurita’ reprime, fino a tale tempo rilascio questo incantesimo.”  She slipped the Witch’s ladder back in its pouch and then placed the pouch into a small hole in the wall for safekeeping.

She escaped back out the window she came, running as fast as Maddie’s four legs would take her back home to the safety of her own cottage.  Reversing the spell and taking back her human form, she hurried to do a long, bubbly, cleansing ritual in her lavender bath.  She thought she would never rid of herself of the stench of the dark, american hag.

She slept soundly, dreaming of her love, and in the morning when she awoke found the tower of the hag had been reduced to a giant litter box.

The End
© Carina D

3 responses

  1. just a story i wrote about the most evil boss i have ever had, thank goodness do not work for her any longer 🙂

    February 25, 2012 at 5:55 pm

  2. well done! 🙂

    February 27, 2012 at 12:53 am

    • thank you, have been thinking of editing some, used Carina too much i think in story. Did not mean too come off anti american lol, this lady just pushed my buttons, condescending and humiliating were her main “people skills”.

      February 27, 2012 at 4:42 pm

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