Amore e pianto, vivono accanto

La Giornata di Tana – Tana’s Day May 1st

In the mythos, the Courtship of the God and Goddess. Celebration of the return of the Goddess to the World.  Celebration of life, and the fullness of fertility.

And it came to pass that Tana longed for the Light of the World, and for Her many Children, she journeyed to the World and was welcomed in great celebration.  Tana saw the splendor of the new God as He crossed the heavens, and She desired Him.  But each night He returned to the Hidden Realm and could not see the beauty of the Goddess in the night sky.

So one morning the Goddess arose as the God came up from the Hidden Realm and She bathed nude in the sacred lake of Nemi.  Then the Lords of the Four Corners appeared to Him and said, “Behold the sweet beauty of the Goddess of the Earth.”  He looked upon Her and was struck with Her beauty, so He descended upon the Earth in the form of the great stag.

“I have come to play beside Your bath, “He said, but Tana gazed upon the stag and said, “You are not a stag but a God!”  He answered, “I am Kern, God of the Forest.  Yet as I stand upon the World I touch also the sky and I am Lupercus the Sun, who banishes the Wolf Night.  But beyond all of this I am Tanus, the first born of all Gods.”

Tana smiled and stepped forth from the water in all Her beauty.  “I am Fana, Goddess of the Forest, yet even as I stand before you I am Diana, Goddess of the Moon.  But beyond all this I am Tana, first born of all Goddesses!”

Tanus took her by the hand and together they walked in the meadows and forests, telling tales of ancient mysteries.  They loved and were One and together they ruled over the World.  Yet even in love, Tana knew the God would soon cross over to the Hidden Realm and Death would come to the World.  Then She must descend and embrace the Dark Lord, and bear the fruit of their Union.


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