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Spring Has Arrived – Rob Woodcox – Featured Photographer


Spring Has Arrived

“When Spring Awakes” – Michigan – Rob Woodcox – Featured Photographer

The beginning of April, not late March, always feels like the dawning of Spring.  Weather is starting to warm up, snowfall always seems strange around now, and if the day is cold everyone says “What the #$%!, It’s April!?!” with a very confused tone.  Rob captures the feeling of Spring beautifully in today’s image.  Not only is the model stunning, but the drab tones of the background give the impression that it is about time she got here. Read below to find out that this photograph isn’t as processed as you might think and that it was actually pretty labor intensive. Then see more of his beautiful and inspiring work check out his website, and “like” his  Facebook page:

Enter Rob:

I have always been very much inspired by spring and the ability of plants and animals to re-grow and settle and break through the rough dead earth.  The entire process seems so exhausting and troublesome yet year after year plants and animals are born again and grow into beautiful creations.  This is very much in relation for me to my faith and the creation of man in the very beginning.  This image takes the concept of rebirth from spring and applies it to what my interpretation of God’s creation of humans was.  The result is a beautiful growth emerging amongst the dead barren terrain surrounding and a sprout of hope in the world

Taken with a 5D Mark II using a 50mm 1.4 lens at sunrise.  The light is all natural with reflected fill on the model.  I actually buried the model’s lower body in the dirt and then placed carefully shoveled surface level dirt over the dig site to make it look freshly broken through.  We may have looked crazy to passers by, but the effort was very much worth it!

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  1. Cool concept!

    April 1, 2012 at 9:50 pm

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