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Rainbows and Dust – Marc Hermann – Featured Photographer

Rainbows and Dust – Marc Hermann @

Rainbows and Dust

Rainbows and Dust – Bantayan Island, Philippines – Marc Hermann – Featured Photographer

Sometimes everything comes together, right when you want it to.  The sun’s rays radiating through the smoke and trees.  The two girls on a bicycle come by at just at the right moment.  Finally, Marc got a smile from the older girl and a cute look from the baby.   I really enjoy the simplicity of this image.  It makes me feel like I am in the southern tropics watching life ride by.   Please read the detailed story below and they check out Marc’s really nice collection of images.

Enter Marc:

After living in Asia for more than a year (had been studying/working in Indonesia and Malaysia) I went on a backpacking trip to the Philippines for 6 weeks with a friend in 2009.  I fell in love with the country – in particular the amazing landscapes, sunsets and nice people.  Bantayan Island – an island near Cebu was on my itinerary for a week.  Of all the places I have ever been to and of all the good times I have had up to now – Bantayan is really one of the most amazing places I have ever seen.  I enjoyed every single day.  I went to the beach to take pics of the sunrise every morning, took pics of kids climbing coconut trees during the day and discovered the island by bike at sunset time.

One day I sat on the back of a motorbike because I asked a local to show me places I haven’t seen before.  The atmosphere of the evening was as magnificent as any other day on the island.  But as we went back, I could already sense a magical sunset… I told the driver to stop for a moment, because I just wanted to get off and soak up the atmosphere and smell in the air.  The people usually burn trees (or garbage?) at dusk.  This is the reason for the illuminated smoke on the picture.  I just stood there and suddenly this girl cycled towards me.  I had to get ready with my camera and took only 3 shots.  This one is my favorite, because of the girl’s smile – a symbol forthe friendliness of the people there.  I knew I captured a special moment on camera, but was not really happy with the result at first – because I felt the camera (and lens) cannot really live up to the reality to what I felt when I really was there in this moment.

Therefore I created a video, a playlist with music and even a title for this picture.  ‘Rainbows & Dust’ sounds colourful & mysterious to me – which fits the feeling I have about the Philippines.  Creating a video, a mix and a title were my attempt to complement this picture to show the beauty of the Philippines to the world.  You can watch the video about my trip to the Philippines in 2009 on Youtube: The picture “Rainbows & Dust” also appears there around 4:30.

You can listen to my mix here:
You can check some of my other photos and contact me as well:
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Image Details:
Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Focal Length 55mm
Shutter Speed 1/100 sec
Aperture f/5.6
ISO/Film 100



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