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Cumhuriyet Square – Nejdet Duzen – Featured Photographer ~ via ;)

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Cumhuriyet Square

“Cumhuriyet Square Reflection” – Izmir, Turkey – Nejdet Duzen – Featured Photographer

Charlie’s Super Fantastic Photo Tip of the Day:  When around water always look for reflections.  Sometimes even a mud puddle can be the focus of a shot if it is reflecting something amazing.

This image looks like the guy with the umbrella is walking on glass.  The reflection is incredible.  Do you have a great reflection shot?  If so post it in the comment section.  Also feel free to leave a comment then post your website address.  I am sure someone will be curious enough to click it and take a look. Even if they don’t you have a great backlink to your site for the search engines to follow. Remember please leave a comment  about this amazing photo and if you want more then check out Nejdet’s Flickr portfolio site at

Enter Nejdet:

Most of time, it was rainy this year. I like cloudy days and reflection photography.  Cumhuriyet Square’s marble floor gives perfect reflections on rainy days. On this day I called my photographer friend. We went to Cumhuriyet square. The clouds were amazing. I took some shots and the results turned out great. During the rain my friend posed with an umbrella. I made this shot and then tone mapped it in Photomatix Pro. After some adjustments like contrast and curve I got this awesome photo.

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Sigma 10-20 mm 

Aperture: 11

Shutter Speed:  1/200

ISO: 200


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