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Bhopal victims stage own ‘Olympics’ to protest Dow sponsorship (PHOTOS)

Piazza della Carina

Survivors of the 1984 Bhopal disaster, one of the world’s worst-ever industrial catastrophes, have held their own Games to protest against the London Olympics being sponsored by Dow Chemical.

­Dozens of disabled kids aged five to 16 have participated in 10 sports in Bhopal during the ‘Special Olympics’. The move was aimed against the company which has a contract with the IOC until 2020 and, in particular, is a sponsor of London Olympics.

“We have been protesting against Dow’s sponsorship for a year now, we want them to be dropped,” organizers’ spokeswoman Rachna Dhingra told Reuters. “But we have realized this is not going to happen.”

Some 25,000 residents of Bhopal died in the aftermath of a massive gas leak in a pesticide factory owned by Union Carbide, an American company purchased by Dow Chemical in 2001.

Dow, however, has done little to improve the situation in the disaster-stricken zone…

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