Amore e pianto, vivono accanto

Autumn Blessings ~ Autunno Benedizioni

“Know that every action brings forth another, and that these actions are linked together through their natures.  Therefore, whatsoever you send forth, so you shall receive.  A farmer can harvest for himself, no more than he plants.  Let us consider what is good in our lives, and what is full.  Let us also consider what is not good and what is empty.  Let us meditate on the reasons for these things so we may find the beauty and the way … Blessed Be”  )O(

~loosely quoted from Aradia, the beautiful pilgrim


“Sappi che ogni azione produce un altro, e che queste azioni sono collegati tra loro attraverso la loro natura. Perciò quello che vi mando, così riceverete. L’agricoltore può raccogliere per se stesso, non più di quanto le piante. Consideriamo ciò che è bene nella nostra vita, e ciò che è pieno. Pensiamo anche ciò che non è bene e ciò che è vuoto. meditiamo le ragioni di queste cose in modo da trovare la bellezza e il modo in cui … Benedizioni di Luce ” ) O (

~ vagamente citato da Aradia, il pellegrino bella



2 responses

  1. The day I feel in love….By Charlie Chaplin.

    – The day I truly feel in love, I understood that in all occasions, I was at the right time, place or space, etc….I did always feel in peace, and serenity….I discovered My Self.

    – The day I truly feel in love, I started to hold on my wishes for a different kind of life, and started to understand that, what is happening to me just helps me grow up, and be wise.
    …I discovered the Maturity

    – The day I truly feel in love, I noticed how wrong it is to force an situation, person or any thing for that matter, just for the sake of my own good…..I finally discovered what is Respect.

    – The day I feel in love, I stopped being afraid of my free time, and renounced to make big or mega plans for the future. Today, I do only good, and give my best, what ever I like, when I like and in my own space and time, etc….I discovered Simplicity.

    – The day I feel in love, I stopped to prove that I am always right, ( Even if I was wrong ), and realized how many times I was trying to be on top of anyone…….I discovered Modesty.

    Peace eh ?….lol 🙂

    September 24, 2012 at 3:24 am

    • very nice 🙂
      thank you and Happy Spring Equinox! (((hugs)))

      September 24, 2012 at 3:28 am

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