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Partial solar eclipse visible in Syria on November 3rd ~ 2013


Damascus, (SANA) – Several countries in the world, including Syria, will witness a partial solar eclipse on Sunday November 3rd.

Chairman of the Syrian Astronomical Society Mohammad al-Asiri said that the eclipse will be partial in Syria, ranging between 15% in the north and 25% in the south of Syria, lasting around 1 hour and 25 minutes.

He said the eclipse will be around21% in Damascus and will occur during sunset, finishing minutes before the sun sinks below the horizon, starting at 3:13 PM, peaking at 3:58 and ending at 4:38.

Al-Asiri warned against staring at the sun during the partial eclipse as this is harmful to the human eye and may result in permanent loss of vision, noting that the Society will specify areas for monitoring this event using special goggles and telescopes.

H. Sabbagh


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