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Street Sellers of Nairobi

Dogma and Geopolitics

Nairobi 01

Jimmy Kariuki sells hats on from his own bicycle in Mathare slums, Nairobi, Kenya Filippo Romano/LUZ/Redux


Nairobi 03

Peter Abok, 22, is a student and sells hot pots in the slums of Nairobi. He earns between 250 to 400 Kenyan shillings (KS) per day and half of the money goes to the Indian wholesalerFilippo Romano/LUZ/Redux

Nairobi 05

Daniel Ndunju, 24, sells stuffed animals using his bike along Juja road in Mathare slum. He makes 500 KS per day.Filippo Romano/LUZ/Redux

Nairobi 08

Lesiamon, 26 years old, from the Masai tribe sells herbal medicaments from the masai tradition in the slum of Nairobi, the plastic tank on his left hand contains a red syrup used to cure malaria. He sells it 20 Kenyan shillings a glass.Filippo Romano/LUZ/Redux

Nairobi 11

Muraje Thionga sells homemade wooden spoons, brooms and straw baskets. He has 13 children.Filippo Romano/LUZ/Redux

By Filippo Romano/LUZ/Redux

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