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Al-Ghazali – His Life (450-505/ 1058-1111) and His Personal Crisis

Loving God & Neighbors

By: Norani Abu Bakar (04/29/2010)


Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali’s is a legendary Sunni thinker and writer who made a significant contribution to scholarly work in Islamic religious sciences in the eleventh and twelfth century. His renowned systematic works cover multiple areas; philosophy, theology, law and Sufi mystics. Al-Ghazali is well reputable in the Muslim and the non-Muslim world, but he was an extraordinary man who undergone phases of crisis in life and continuous evolution of thoughts, just like others. After the journey of self-discovery and healing, al-Ghazali prolifically authored great volumes of writing which reflected the renewal of his thoughts. His work, especially on Sufism, carries significance scholastic values and is highlighted until today. 

This paper discusses how al-Ghazali’s life contributed to his personal crisis, causing him to pursue about two years of intentional isolation in order to seek deliverance from his doubt. This writing is divided into…

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