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The Honey Dealers Of Yemen

The Velvet Rocket

The process of raising bees and selling honey in Yemen is a little different (but most things are a little different in Yemen). Unlike everywhere else I am familiar with, where the bees are taken to the flowers, in Yemen, the flowers are taken to the bees. And the bees will be located next to a busy road where it will be the most convenient to sell the honey they produce.

The way it works is that one will be driving along and will come around a corner to see a guy standing by the road with his hand high in the air, waving a plastic jug or bottled water container filled with an amber liquid. The amber liquid is, of course, honey and if you are interested in acquiring some honey, you simply pull over and negotiate a price (the purchase of most everything is negotiated in Yemen).


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  1. Very interesting! Thanks for posting this.

    July 20, 2015 at 2:18 am

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