Amore e pianto, vivono accanto

The Hodeida Fish Market

The Velvet Rocket

Ahh, we’re back in Yemen… In Hodeida.

The fish market in Hodeida is, perhaps not shockingly, right along the waterfront and it is impossible to miss.

We passed by during our first night in Hodeida and even though that is supposedly the quiet(er) time for the fish market, there was still a remarkable amount of activity and frenetic energy. I knew that we needed to come back in the morning.


Hodeida is definitely not a small town, but it would be pretty hard to miss its fish market when it is in top gear.  Even the constant honking and the roaring sounds of engines lacking mufflers that spill out from Hodeida’s streets are overwhelmed by the fish market’s sensory experience.

Imagine the perfume of exhaust from boat engines blending with the smell of roasting fish and the salty ocean air blowing across from Africa. Imagine fishing boats racing around…

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