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Lebanese Fruit Cocktail With Rose Water Ashta Cream

One of the many street foods you could encounter while roaming Lebanese cities is an all-time favorite special fruit cocktail that is garnished with nuts, ashta cream and honey. There are many variations of the cocktail, and what we’re featuring in this post is what’s referred to as “cocktail shikaf” which translates to “fruit chunks cocktail”.

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Ancient festival of ‘Sadeh’ in Shiraz

SHIRAZ, Jan. 31 (MNA) – Zoroastrians in Shiraz observed the ancient festival of ‘Sadeh’ on Thursday. Sadeh, meaning ‘hundred’ in Persian, is an Iranian festival dating all the way back to the first Persian Empire, Achaemenid, which celebrates 50 days before the New Year, Nowruz.


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‘Rehtah’ or ‘Rugag’ bread, a special dish in southern Iran by Rahbar Emamdadi

BANDAR ABBAS, Jan. 25 (MNA) – The ‘Rehtah’ bread, or as it is commonly known in the Persian Gulf littoral states as ‘Rugag’, originated in southern Iranian cities such as Bandar Abbas, Larestan and Minab. The bread is baked on a small ‘taveh’ – a flat, sometimes slightly curved, round iron griddle, and then is wrapped around some scrambled egg to make a very delicious dish for breakfast.

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