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Sugar Konafa كنافة السكر


Have you ever shared a recipe with your mom? How did that go? My mom taught me everything I know when it comes to Yemeni cooking .She cooks with her instinct. She knows the ingredients and mixtures by heart, so everything she cooked was with no measuring! This was perfectly fine for her with Yemeni cooking because she knows it so well.

I asked her to give me the Sugar Konafa recipe but it was a complete puzzle for me as I try as much as I can to go with measurements to get the same result every time.I had to repeat it over and over until (I think , I got a good grasp on how to do it).


Sugar Konafa is different than the Middle Eastern Konafa that is well known in Lebanon and Egypt and most of Arab countries. It is not stuffed with cheese or cream…

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Imam Hossein (AS) Mourning Ceremonies in Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)– Iranians across the country, including Tehran, take part in ceremonies every night to mourn on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hossein (AS), the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). [PHOTOS]

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Ihsaan – The Spiritual Essence Of Islam


When the stones begin to speak, with which ears will we hear? Will this be the first time that the stones speak? No! The stones spoke to the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w ) in his lifetime. They offered ‘salaams’ to him[2]. If we were there would we have heard? No! He was not hearing with these ears. It is when the heart has come alive, has faith in it and submits to the Supreme Authority of Allah , Most High, and not the supreme authority of the state, it is then that the heart can hear. So we know the stones are speaking now. This prophecy of Muhammad is being fulfilled now. The stones are speaking in the Holy Land. When stones begin to speak, no one can stop them from speaking. At the end of this a Muslim army will destroy the State of Israel; these are the words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ( s.a.w ). Let us go back to the verse of Sura Hajj:

Allah , Most High, says to them [22nd Sura, Verse 46]:

Will they not travel through the earth?

So that perhaps, perchance, (by traveling through the earth) their dead hearts might come alive

So that when their hearts come alive they would be able to understand what the intellect, rationality and external observation could not understand. With a heart that comes alive, they will be able to hear what otherwise they could not hear.

Truly, its not these eyes which are blind

What is blind is the heart, which is inside the chest.

This is Islamic Spirituality.  It has unfortunately been given a new term, coined by someone, sometime, somewhere. The term which was coined was Tasawwuf.  I wish it had never been coined. My life and task would have been easier, because Tasawwuf and al-Ihsaan mean the same thing. Allah , Most High, delivered this word, al-Ihsaan to us, we should have stayed with this term.



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40% Of Russia’s Food Is Grown from Dacha Gardens*

Hwaairfan's Blog

40% Of Russia’s Food Is Grown from Dacha Gardens*

By Amanda Froelich

While the majority of citizens in developed nations rely on large-scale agriculture, the Russian people feed themselves.

While the majority of citizens in developed nations rely on transported produce and packaged goods to satiate their grumbling stomachs, the people of Russia feed themselves. They have little need for large-scale agriculture, as their agricultural economy is small scale, predominantly organic, and in the capable hands of their nation’s people.

In a thought-provoking article shared by Natural Homes, it was reported that in 2011, 51% of Russia’s food was grown either by dacha communities (40%), or by peasant farmers (11%). The remaining 49% of production was left to large agricultural enterprises.

When one digs deeper into the numbers reported by Russian Statistics Service, however, some very impressive details are discovered. In 2011, dacha gardens produced over 80%…

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The Hodeida Fish Market

The Velvet Rocket

Ahh, we’re back in Yemen… In Hodeida.

The fish market in Hodeida is, perhaps not shockingly, right along the waterfront and it is impossible to miss.

We passed by during our first night in Hodeida and even though that is supposedly the quiet(er) time for the fish market, there was still a remarkable amount of activity and frenetic energy. I knew that we needed to come back in the morning.


Hodeida is definitely not a small town, but it would be pretty hard to miss its fish market when it is in top gear.  Even the constant honking and the roaring sounds of engines lacking mufflers that spill out from Hodeida’s streets are overwhelmed by the fish market’s sensory experience.

Imagine the perfume of exhaust from boat engines blending with the smell of roasting fish and the salty ocean air blowing across from Africa. Imagine fishing boats racing around…

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The Umayyad Mosque of Damascus, Syria

The Velvet Rocket

The Minaret of Qaitbay as seen from the outside of the Umayyad Mosque…

umayyad mosque damascus

Considered the first monumental work of architecture in Islamic history, the Umayyad Mosque (also called the Great Mosque of Damascus) is a melting pot of different faiths. It houses the mausoleum of John the Baptist — which is said to contain his head — as well as the tomb of Hussein ibn Ali, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed and an important figure in the Shiite tradition. Its rectangular layout, Roman arches, and Corinthian columns became a prototype for mosques around the Islamic world, influencing structures from Cairo to Istanbul.

umayyad mosque damascus

After the Umayyad conquest of Damascus in the Seventh century, the Umayyad Mosque was constructed on the site where a Byzantine church, a Roman temple, and before that an Aramean temple to the god of thunder and rain once stood more than 3,000 years ago.

umayyad mosque damascus

During his…

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