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A Special Ramadan Prayer from Yemen

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wadiSalaam and Greetings of Peace:

Ramadan Mubarak!

The following is a du’a that is constantly read in Tarim, a town in the Wadi Hadhramawt, Yemen, throughout the blessed month of Ramadan. This beneficial du’a has been translated and made available through Sidi Amin Buxton (Allah preserve and increase him):

Sayyiduna Salman narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) spoke to the Companions on the last day of Sha`ban. He informed them that they were about to enter a great and blessed month, a month in which there is a night better than a thousand nights. He mentioned some of the merits of the month of Ramadan. Then he said: “Do four things in abundance: two things with which you please your Lord, and two things which you cannot do without. As for the two things with which you please your Lord: your testification that…

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Through the Eyes of a Child …



Assi El Hallani – Ramadan Rahma / عاصي الحلاني – أنشودة – رمضان رحمة


Mevlana ~ Bahramji and Mashti ~ NEY

si dice il silenzio è d'oro

In truth everything and everyone
Is a shadow of the Beloved,
And our seeking is His seeking
And our words are His words…
We search for Him here and there,
…while looking right at Him.
Sitting by His side, we ask:
‘O Beloved, where is the Beloved?’


The Most Beautiful Sana’a, Yemen … Viva Yemen


cottage rose

First Lady visits orphan care centers in Damascus


Damascus, SANA-The state’s care for the orphans in Syria is increasing. This was illustrated by the First Lady’s visit to two orphan care centers in Damascus.

Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad on Thursday visited Dar al-Aman and St. Gregory Orthodox Society for the Elderly and Orphans, two orphan care centers in Damascus, touring the newly-established classes in Dar al-Aman.

Mrs. Al-Assad was briefed on the conditions of the orphans and the efforts to help them become proactive citizens.

السيدة 2

“Caring for the orphans is an ethical and humanitarian obligation in the normal course of things. Much more so under these extraordinary circumstances,” Mrs. Al-Assad said.

Meanwhile in St. Gregory Orthodox Society, Mrs. al-Assad met the society’s children and conversed with them about their school, encouraging them to continue their studies as a means of self-fulfillment, thanking the superintendents for their diligent efforts.

السيدة 3

She indicated that the last couple of years “witnessed more awareness and enthusiasm among citizens about the necessity of giving care to orphans,” adding that the state, private sector and civil society share a responsibility to provide necessary care for the orphans.

Manal Ismael

Along Highway 46

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More pictures of the amazing scenery along Highway 46 in California in early March.

Highway 46 wildflowers Along Highway 46: wildflowers

Along Highway 46: wildflowers Along Highway 46: wildflowers

Along Highway 46: wildflowers Along Highway 46: wildflowers

These are the flowers that accounted for those masses of orange.

California Poppies California Poppies

There are no flowers in this last photo, but the green hills were striking nevertheless.

Along Highway 46: green hills. Along Highway 46: green hills. 

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